Schola Lending Library is a private homeschool lending library serving patrons in Stillwater, OK and the surrounding communities. We provide access to quality literature and living books that feed your children’s minds and nurture their souls. Our family has spent 20+ years buying and culling the best books for our family’s use, and we have recently had the inspiration and desire to share them with others. We have 10,000 (and counting!) books for all ages, and have a dedicated space that your family can come to and browse, just like in a public library. (Except we have free coffee!! :P) We also have a selection of curricula to peruse, as well as used books and curricula for sale.

Do you need to find that perfect book to go along with your history curriculum? We can help! All our books are labeled, and catalogued in our system with subject tags to easily find books on the topic or person you’re looking for. Need someone to talk to about your curriculum choices, or to discuss general homeschooling questions with? That’s my favorite thing to do! I love meeting with my patrons, discussing how their schooling is going, and consulting with them to help them strengthen the spots in their curriculum that they feel is lacking.

We also have a book sale every spring that is open to the entire community. As we acquire books for our library, we are able to replace some of our paperbacks with hardback, or we come across some great literature at a great price that we already own but want to pass on to other book lovers. Watch social media for our posts about our next book sale and find great books for you and your children.

Other plans (future and current) include book clubs for different ages of youth and parents, reading programs, workshops, and learning evenings. We also look forward to renting out school supplies and science equipment, as well as curriculum totes that would include all the books you would need for your particular curriculum for that year (TOG, FIAR, AO, Sonlight, etc). We have lots of dreams and ideas, and with your help in becoming a patron, we can make them happen together! Thank you so much for your support!