Retreat Workshop Descriptions

Susan Chrisman

A Home Educator’s Guide to Scheduling and Planning
Susan will break down the task of educating into step-by-step details that will get you started with a workable schedule. This practical session will help you with yearly, weekly, and daily schedules and planning ideas, and tips on what to do with toddlers and preschoolers during school time.

Habits—By Default or Design?
Whether purposefully or not, all parents train their children in habits, good ones and bad ones. Tired of trying again and again to instill good habits in your children and in yourself? Want to experience the freedom that good habits can give? Join Susan in a study of the power of habits. Learn how habits enhance character formation and bring easier days to your home.

Habits that Bring Clarity, Confidence, and Peace
Susan, a mom with twenty-five years homeschooling experience, will reveal three habits that have had a profound affect upon her and her family members, habits she will continue to maintain for the rest of her life. Learn about these valuable habits and how you can begin today to ensure you avoid frustration, confusion, and burnout.

How Your Child’s Brain Develops
Discover the wonder of your child’s brain and how it grows. Acquire an understanding of how your child learns during the early stages of development, giving your child an educational advantage. Learn how to help your child learn to his best ability.

Crystal Wagner

Five Principles That Have Most Impacted My Homeschool
Are Charlotte Mason’s principles as relevant today as they were when she implemented them in her schools in the early 1900’s? In this workshop, we will explore how five of Ms. Mason’s principles have impacted my homeschool. These principles can guide and shape not only your homeschool but your relationships and home atmosphere as well. Whether you are curious about the Charlotte Mason method or are ready to start implementing it, you will leave with simple and practical suggestions of how you can breathe life into your homeschool.

Mastering the Math Facts Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle
Does your child struggle to master math facts? Do you feel like you are beating your head against a wall as you practice the same basic math operations day after day? Some children struggle more than others to learn the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. They soon decide they are “no good at math,” and math lessons become a dreaded part of your homeschool day. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this workshop, you will learn how to motivate your child to want to master these concepts. You will also leave equipped with practical suggestions for helping him understand and practice the basic math facts in a fun and engaging way.

Geography: The World Is Your Classroom
Our world seems to be shrinking every day. We hear of news happening on the other side of the world as it happens. We can hop on the Internet and see pictures of friends in other countries. Learn how you can take advantage of this digital age and incorporate a global perspective to simplify your geography studies. Whether you supplement your current geography studies with these practical suggestions or use them to plan your geography studies, your children will be inspired to have a panoramic view of the world as they learn about other cultures and places.

Create an Atmosphere Where Children Thrive
Even though there is no guaranteed step-by-step guide or formula for raising children, there are key elements that will help you create an atmosphere where your children can thrive. Learn how to create more margin in your weekly schedule in order to foster curiosity and creativity. Discover how to get your children excited about learning and encourage them to take responsibility for their own education. Learn how to create a relaxed, inviting, and forgiving atmosphere where learning happens naturally.

Heather Hawkins

The Well-Read Child: How to Raise Readers (and Why It Matters)

Does it really matter if your child grows up to be a “reader”? What are the benefits to your child and to society? How do you ensure that your child will grow up to value reading? Homeschool consultant, living books librarian, and veteran homeschool mom Heather Hawkins will weave educational philosophy, thoughts from the great thinkers, and research to inspire you and give you practical tips on how to raise your children to be well-read.

Heather Underwood

Homeschooling in Hard Times

As homeschoolers, we want the best for our kids. We work hard and make sacrifices to ensure their happiness and success in life and in faith. But what happens when life interrupts “the plan”? How can we navigate stormy seas and maintain peace in the middle of the storm? Pastoral Counselor and homeschool mom Heather Underwood will facilitate a time of sharing, encouragement, and hope for families struggling with a “new normal.”

Joshua Hawkins, Ph.D.

The Self-Motivated Student

Charlotte Mason said that “all education is self-education,” and this philosophy underpinned all of her principles. But what does that mean? And how do we set up our homeschools to encourage our children to be self-motivated? Joshua Hawkins will share out of his experience and research as a long-time teacher, professor, and veteran homeschool dad the distinguishing factors that cultivate a student’s drive and self-regulation.